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Lost Souls San Francisco

Lost Souls
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There will be laws here, so court cases etc can go ahead, but I think the Devil himself is the Judge ;) Sex scenes behind cuts and warnings in the first post. This is an adult community. You may see locations and other information on our website.

Villains/Vampires/Hookers/Hunters/Healers all welcome. Basically anything goes within reason. No characters more powerful than gods will be allowed. The mods have final say over all characters.

You must be over 18 to play here.

ONLY ONE OF EACH CHARACTER CAN BE PLAYED - you can be from different timelines, but no two people can play the same person. For example you can have season 7 Buffy, playing with a season 3 Wesley, but you cannot have two Buffys or two Dick Graysons.

NO OUTSIDE RPG ALLOWED FROM OTHER GAMES This means that you can only play with storylines that exist on this game with characters that are part of this game. In other words, if you play the same character on more than one board - what goes on here stays here, and what goes on there has no business here.

Other Issues will be dealt with by the mods in private on their community.